television advertising
television advertising
What Does TV
Advertising Cost?
Is advertising on TV expensive? Is a television advertising campaign something that a small business can
afford? These are the big questions that I hear every single day from small and medium sized business
owners. The fact is, most business can afford to advertise on TV and reach their target customers in a very
effective way.

The two big costs that come with TV advertising are (1) The cost to create or produce your commercial and
(2) The cost to air the commercial. But what can you expect for both?

The cost to produce a great looking TV commercial can be as low as $1000 when using a company such as for your project.  Amazingly a commercial at this price point can look,
sound and give your business great exposure on the air. Don’t be scared off by others who tell you that
creating a commercial would cost MUCH more than that – The reality is that in this day and age – it doesn’t
depending on what the production company needs to do to create your commercial.

A bit of advice: Some local TV stations will offer you “discounted” or “free” production services if you agree to
advertise on their station. Don’t do it! The quality of “free” production will be just that.


You will end up wasting money on air time with a poor commercial that will not preform. Investing a little into
quality production from a professional production house will likely be much more effective for you.

The next cost you need to examine is the cost to “air” the commercial. A 30 second block of time in a mid-
sized market can likely be purchased for a little as $5 - $8 per one thousand viewers. This could equal less
than $90 per commercial airing. Advertising locally on some cable networks can be even lower than that!

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