television advertising
television advertising
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Our Team consists of some of the most experienced producers,
voice-over professionals and writers in the industry

All :30 TV Commercial Production Packages Include
  • Detailed goal & needs consultation to ensure your TV commercials
maximum effectiveness

  • Importation of your photos, graphics you would like featured in your TV commercial

  • Graphic design work and digital Video effects for TV Advertising

  • Use of in-house stock TV commercial video footage and images from our vast library.

  • 100% Custom, unique script created for your specific TV Advertising

  • Creative TV commercial production, one voice from our voice roster (Or we
can casts from our data-base of more than 10,000 voices), Back-
Round Music, Sound Effects as needed & Master Recording for your files.

  • Complete rights to use your TV commercial on any television station or website
for any period of time - YOU OWN THE TV COMMERCIAL!

TV Commercial Production Packages Start at Just $899
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TV Air-Time Package Details:

  • We will research what TV stations best reach your target customers.

  • We will negotiate for the lowest possible rates for TV Advertising with the stations that
    best reach your target customers in your targeted area.

  • Constant monitoring of your schedule to ensure correct
TV advertisements are airing at the correct times.

Our consulting, placement, campaign planning and station negotiation services for
TV advertising
ARE FREE! You just pay for the air-time.

Costs for TV Advertising air-time vary by market, station, and length of campaign.
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